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A result of a collaboration between Ever Pollen and Cascadia Textiles, these reversable coffee sleeves are completely hand printed and hand sewn. The green side features a flower and moon block print pattern, and the white side features block printed triangle rain clouds. They are made from cotton quilting fabric padded with fusible fleece to insulate the heat just enough so that it's like holding a warm teddy bear when you enjoy your hot beverage.


Every detail of these sweet little sleeves was a collaboration, from the block printed designs to the fabric choices to the thread color. It's an incredible feeling to put so much thought and care into a product, and to do so with another local maker is doubly special. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 


*please note: hand printed items are all unique and contain small imperfections as part of their charm; that said, I maintain high quality standards that will be on par with the item pictured here*

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